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We continuously develop our expertise in modern technologies and understanding of customers’ needs. It helps us to offer our customers innovative services and optimal solutions based on products of the world IT leaders.


To perform effectively a modern company needs transparency of business processes both on the level of business departments and on the level of IT systems. To reach it, a company needs to fulfill data integration tasks. Those tasks appear during mergers, takeovers, centralization, introduction of new products and services, etc.

DIS Group is a leader of data integration services market. The company has rich experience and expertise in such projects as:

  • building corporate data repositories;
  • integration of information systems;
  • assisting with data migration between systems;
  • providing of effective access to different data sources;
  • reconciliation of master data and etc.

Data quality management

Nowadays companies cannot perform successfully without data quality management. Poor data quality drastically affects efficiency of main business processes and endanger, successful implementation of innovative projects which results directly depend on the data used foe them.

Master data management

Master data is a category of key information, which constitutes main value in a company and is its main asset.

As a rule, master data is stored in different IT systems, can be inconsistent with each other, can be deficient or redundant, or old.

As a result, a company cannot effectively use this data. This can affect efficiency of business in general.

DIS Group offers a simple and effective approach to master data management. Our solutions easily adjust to meet the needs of a customer and allow to fulfill objectives of any complexity effectively.

For example, we can help to fulfill such wide-spread tasks as:

  • creation of consolidated reference books;
  • identification of “golden records” (a single, well-defined version of all the data entities in an organizational ecosystem) in any type of data sources;
  • centralization of master data management;
  • implementation of industrial standards;
  • identification of affiliates.

Support of customers analytics

Promotion of customer centricity is a top-priority task for business. It is very important for companies to know their customers and to interact with them effectively, for example, to offer new products and services to the interested audience, to take steps to increase customer loyalty, to minimize risks of a client leaving for a competing company.

Interaction with business partners

Development of effective communication and information exchange with business partners, contractors, distributors are key to successful business today.

DIS Group offers a comprehensive approach to it. This approach implies providing the whole life cycle of processing of the data, received from partners.


The solution offered by DIS Group provides effective interaction with business partners and covers not only data collection in a unified format but also fulfills the following functions:

  • automated control of data quality;
  • enrichment and cleansing of consolidated data;
  • implementation of a portal solution which allows to automate main operations of interactions with a customer;
  • assist with analytical reporting, etc.

We will help you to build communication properly and to choose ways of business development while paying particular attention to evaluation of real economic performance.

Audit integration solutions

To provide rapid access to quality information, companies need to store data centrally. This caused a trend of building corporate data repositories and development of data integration projects. But in practice, these solutions do not always meet customers` expectations.

Implementation of development process

DIS Group can implement standards of data integration in accordance with world best practices. Also DIS Group offers the “release” approach to change management, including those cases which demand participation of many teams and contractors.

Testing of integration solutions

Development of corporate data integration solutions and data repositories is an important objective. Integrity of the data, your business uses, depends on how good this objective is fulfilled. Mistakes in this field can be invisible for IT and business teams of a customer. But they can drastically affect economic performance of a company and influence its development strategy.

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