One of the key tasks for any business is to fight for the client

The market is becoming more competitive because of averaging of the services and its providing. In such conditions, the winner is the one who works with the client at another level: can “guess” his needs and meet them. It is necessary to use as efficiently as possible all available corporate information about customers and their behavior, huge amounts of which gave it the name Big Data.
Another key to success is the ability to build a personalized relationship with the client. Therefore, it is very important to work not only with internal, but also with external information: how the client behaves outside of your interaction, what needs he has and so on. Those who learn how to react as quickly as possible and process such information will win the competition by a large margin.

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Engagement, service, customer retention, cross-selling, strategic marketing, security – all these directions are somehow able to rely on Big Data, new technologies, removing the insights and concrete benefits for business.

Customer 360 and КMS Lighthouse solutions are created to realize these challenges.

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